Tow woes continue as drivers recover vehicles after Wednesday's blizzard

Headaches continue with tow companies...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The past five days have not only been frustrating, but also expensive for the many people still working to get their cars back after last week's blizzard.

Gregory Poteat's van broke down in Wednesday's blizzard, and he finally got it back on Monday.

"Part of the battle is over with I guess and now I can move on and do work for my boss instead of worrying about my vehicle," he said.

Poteat paid Randy's Towing $240 and then paid another $50 to get a tow company to bring his van back to him.

"That's a lot of money, you know, I make enough to live my life, I don't make enough to save money, still paycheck to paycheck," Poteat said.

Randy's Towing is just one of at least 15 companies called in to help remove stranded cars.

Poteat says they told him they moved his van at the request of police and state troopers.

"Yet there is no tow sticker on my van. The only sticker on my van is this blue ribbon from search and rescue, bless their hearts," he said.

Although Randy's Towing chose not to speak on camera, they did clarify that they only tow vehicles that law enforcement or CDOT instructs them to.

When we reached out to other towing companies about the job, they only spoke to us over the phone and said no matter what the situation is, they're always looked at like the bad guys.

Poteat says in an already stressful time, he wishes things would have been a little easier.

"[It was] very disorganized, I'm sure they have a lot of calls and I'm sure they're getting complaints up and down," he said.

The Colorado Springs Police Department says they only impounded 6 vehicles between the 13th and 14th.

CSPD says every owner of an impounded vehicle has the right to request the fees be waived.

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