WATCH: U.S. Space Command re-established at temporary home in Peterson AFB

US Space Command at Peterson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado state officials were joined by military leaders at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs Monday for the re-establishment of U.S. Space Command.

President Donald Trump relaunched SPACECOM, not to be confused with his planned Space Force, at the end of August, with its temporary home at Peterson AFB. The Pentagon is still looking into several different locations to permanently house the command.

WATCH the re-establishment ceremony:

The event was celebrated by many, but especially those who have efforts into keeping the command at Peterson as a permanent home.

The goal is to improve the organization of U.S. military space operations and accelerate technical developments. The mission is to protect America in space while also protecting troops on the ground using satellites and signals. 

The command will also be equipped to engage in space combat with the joint partnership with several military forces. 

During Monday’s ceremony, the U.S. Space Command’s leader, Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond established the Department of Defense's 11th Unified Combatant Command.

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President Donald Trump has promised the Space Force for months, but Thursday he announced the U.S. Space Command will open for business.

Space Command's history started long before it was officially put back in action Thursday afternoon.

"It existed here from 1985 to 2002," said Reggie Ash, a military veteran.

Ash now works as the Chief Defense Development Officer for the Chamber of Commerce in Colorado Springs and says he's not surprised Colorado has the best odds at keeping the U.S. Space Command.

Trump says Space Command will oversee the efforts of all armed services in defending American satellites, planning for war in space and providing space services for troops in combat.

Now Colorado Springs is hoping it's here to stay, but it could prove difficult. Colorado Springs is competing with locations out of Aurora, California, Florida and Alabama. 

"In Colorado Springs we are the epicenter of national security space. We're already the home to Air Force Space Command, we're the home to National Space Defense Center, We're home to a lot of other space entities, and we're home to over 250 defense and aerospace corporations," Ash said.

The command will be headed by Peterson Air Force Base Gen. Jay Raymond, and Ash says the economic impact is enough to expand beyond the base.

"It's a magnet for companies that want to move their headquarters to the area," Raymond said.

He says that's why there are many efforts in place to make sure it's in Colorado Springs to stay.

"Over the last six months we have had some level of advocacy whether it's the city council or the board of county commissioners issuing a proclamation," Ash said.

Ultimately, the fate lies with those in Washington D.C. and while the decision was supposed to come down last month, we still don't know where it will stay.

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