Widespread wind damage across southern Colorado

Wind damage reports are still coming in across southern Colorado and many are still without power Wednesday evening as the storm that brought the blizzard conditions continues to move east across the central plains. 

Most of the damage reported has been downed trees, power lines, damaged siding to houses and some minor roof damage as well. 

There was an estimated 20 car pile-up on I-25 north of Monument Hill and many cars are still stranded. Colorado Department of Transportation estimates 100 cars still stranded on the southbound lane of I-25 near Larkspur. At this time, CDOT hopes to have I-25 opened but there are no guarantees. 

This storm also brought record-breaking wind to parts of Colorado Springs as Peterson Air Force Base reported a 97-mph wind gust breaking the previous record set on this day back in 2017. 

There have been many terms circulating around this storm with some referring to it as the "bomb cyclone". This is due to the fact the storm went through a process many meteorologists/forecasters call "bombogenesis". Bombogenesis happens when the central pressure drops 24 millibars or more in a period of 24 hours or less. In this case, the storm dropped 30 millibars in less than 24 hours with a central low pressure of 972 millibars (some unofficial reports around 969 millibars) making it one of the lowest pressure readings ever recorded for Colorado. Pressure correlates to wind speeds and the lower the pressure the faster the winds will be. The high winds were felt region-wide today

Many schools are closed on Thursday as snow and wind will linger into the early morning hours for parts of El Paso and Teller counties. 

Snow showers will continue off and on through tonight and the wind won't be letting up, especially east of I-25 until the early afternoon hours for tomorrow. Less wind is expected by sunrise tomorrow morning for most places along the interstate and around the Pikes Peak region. 


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