Woman seeks volunteers to clean up Sand Creek homeless camp, city crews jump in to help

WATCH Woman looking for help to clean up creek in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A woman in Colorado Springs is hoping she can get help to clean up Sand Creek near Fountain and Murray, and now the city is stepping in to help.

Kasey Boyter lives near the area and walks her dogs along the dirt trail, parallel to the creek. In the last few months, the trash coming from a presumed homeless camp has quadrupled.

There were food wrappers, worn clothes, used napkins, bed sheets, and an old mattress.

Boyter posted on local Facebook groups hoping neighbors would pick a day and help her clean up the area.

KRDO called the City of Colorado Springs to ask if a clean-up was planned for the area or if one had been done before.

Mitch Hammes, Neighborhood Services Manager for the city, came out to the location and walked through the area.

"It's definitely an area we've never been called to before and it is definitely going to need some attention," Hammes said.

A crew has been scheduled to come in and pick up the trash and cut down some vegetation Tuesday morning around 10 a.m.

Without a call from KRDO, Hammes says the city would have never known about the homeless camp and the mess it had created. He's encouraging others to report similar camps, even if neighbors think the city knows about it.

Concerned residents can call the Code Enforcement line at (719) 444-7891.

Neighbors who want to help clean-up the area with Boyter can reach her at (719) 645-3499 or at her Facebook profile.

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