Woodland Park sees first big snow of the season

Woodland Park sees first big snow of the season

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - The snow started up early Friday morning in Teller County and so did the snow plows. Many residents in Woodland Park said Friday's powder dump was the first real snow of the year.

City and private plows were doing their best to clear parking lots and main streets as the snow fell steadily throughout the morning. 

"I was out at about 4 a.m. sweeping the sidewalks and it was a good three inches, and it's piling up," said Monty Brook, who was out with his own snow plow. 

Enough snow accumulated on the roads to cause traction problems and cancel school. People all over town started their morning digging out. 

"I'm digging a little spot out around the car so I don't slip and slide coming out of the driveway," said David Walker. 

Despite the fun for some, many in the Teller County area are buckling down and staying inside as more snow is expected throughout the night and into Saturday 

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