Sophomore Schafer Reichart fights for his life

Sophomore Schafer Reichart fights for...

On Wednesday, January 23rd, in a room at the Children's Hospital in Denver - sophomore Schafer Reichart was on his death bed.

His kidneys, lungs, and heart began to shut down as he battled myocarditis - a virus that attacks the heart and can be suddenly fatal.

But Schafer is a fighter.

The resiliency and perseverance he learned on the basketball court translated to that death bed.

On Thursday, while hooked up to medical machines, Schafer showed improvement. By Friday, his heart was able to beat on its own.

Schafer attends classes at The University School, but he plays basketball at Doherty High School. Throughout the week schools from around Colorado reached out on Twitter showing their support.

On Saturday, as Doherty traveled to Rampart for a basketball game, the two schools came together to honor Schafer.

“We want to encourage you, we are behind you we are praying for you, our thoughts are for you and for Schafer and his family,” said Rampart Athletic Director Andy Parks during an address to the assembled crowd at Rampart High School.

The entire gym was wearing red - Schafer's favorite color.

The Rampart players gave Doherty shirts with "Reichart - 13" on them as a show of solidarity.

Also on Saturday, nearly $12,000 had been donated to Schafer's family to help with medical expenses.

Schafer Reichart was still considered to be in critical condition as of Saturday, but his condition has been improving every day.

We hope you continue to keep the young man in your thoughts and prayers.

If you'd like to help donate to Reichart's cause, click here

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