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Young teens busted again for pot burglary

Two 13-year-old boys are in trouble for their second attempted medical marijuana dispensary burglary in two months.

Winter storm NY am

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

'Historic' storm bears down on the Northeast

Someday you may tell your grandchildren about the Blizzard of 2015.

The National Weather Service, which isn't prone to exaggeration, is using terms like "life-threatening" and "historic" to describe the weather system taking aim at the Northeast -- wi...

Credit cards

Augie Martin/CNN

Credit card interest cap before Colorado lawmakers

Democrats want to see finance charges on credit cards from Colorado lenders capped at 12.5 percent, instead of the current 21 percent limit.

Powdered alcohol Palcohol

Courtesy of Lipsmark LLC

Colorado lawmakers consider banning powdered alcohol

Colorado lawmakers will consider whether to ban powdered alcohol before the product arrives in stores.

Pueblo home invasion produces late developments Sunday

Pueblo police said the victim of a home invasion Sunday has herself been arrested.

Man killed a shootout with police after home invasion

A man is killed in a shootout with police after a home invasion in Pueblo

Home invasion suspect shot and killed by police in Pueblo after a brief chase.

Another hostage s life remains in the hands of ISIS

New demands made by Islamic state group

World leaders are holding their breath as ISIS makes new threats about a remaining Japanese hostage.

The group is now demanding a failed suicide bomber be released - or they will kill the second hostage.

NewsChannel 13

One man sent to hospital after shooting in Pueblo

Man taken to hospital after Saturday night shooting in Pueblo.

Multiple accidents in Colorado Springs & Pueblo

Multiple accidents took place in Pueblo County & Colorado Springs  through the weekend; two deadly.


Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes faces a jury. Click here for coverage from the courtroom.

Maketa Investigation Coverage

Click here for a collection of articles related to the controversy surrounding former El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa.

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DA's Most Wanted Photos

Help KRDO Newschannel 13 and the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office capture southern Colorado's "Most Wanted" criminals.

Blizzard of 1913

Major blizzards in U.S. history

As the Northeast prepares to get pummeled by snow, check out the other major blizzards in U.S. history.

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